An Idea.

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An Idea.

Postby YaSSiN-ArmY » Sat May 28, 2011 5:09 am

Hello all .
this is my first topic on the forum and i want everyone to say his/her opinion ,at the first i want to say hello to this great staff we all have a respect for them as they try hard to improve this game and make us made our days so i want to help them a little as they may be accept or refuse my idea but i think every one must share his/her ideas with them ,i am a chat moderator on (US) server and my name is yassin if any one want to critic me i accept the good and the other reply .Let's start
1-there is an advantage i want to add to this game is called [TheOne] this advantage when the player get it make his attack + 50% to become 150% attack this advantage to get it you must pay for it about [300 Coins A weak ] and you have 10 attacks a day no more but your Toxication goes up 2x faster at the first attack and so until the last one Number 10 you must ask me how we can know if we will use it or no i will say that there will be an icon for it next to Attack icon this icon called ExtraAttack about the price of [TheOne] it's possible for the staff decide it with me and this advantage make people Compete and the 2 one may by attack the 1 one .The End

if you want to ask any question just ask
i have many opinions i will write it later
thanks all and have fun, ^_^
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